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Your help is needed to Stop Glyphosate – Sign the petition

*** Stop Glyphosate *** In Summer 2016, after a long campaign by hundreds of thousands of Europeans, the European Commission was unable to relicense the use of Glyphosate for 15 years, but instead had to settle for a short 18 month renewal. This was a huge success achieved in the face of intense lobbying by […]

Dr Terry Wahls is coming to London – Don’t miss out!

Dr Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine and best-selling author of The Wahls Protocol. She has inspired many with her message and incredible journey and now you have a chance to meet her in person. This will be Terry’s only trip to Europe for the foreseeable future, and her only London appearance so do […]

HEALTH Unplugged 2016 – Review of the Day

HEALTH Unplugged 2016 was a new format in a new venue. This year we incorporated as a CIC (not-for-profit social enterprise) with 2 main aims, firstly to provide educational content from the latest thinkers and researchers about holistic ancestral health. Secondly to ensure that the content is relevant and will help to develop the UK […]

Interview with an attendee: Rich Taylor

A very personal interview with Rich Taylor – an attendee for HEALTH Unplugged 2016. Rich discovered he had ankylosing spondylitis and chose an ancestral lifestyle to help relieve his condition. He setup the Cambridge Paleo Meet Up group, and shares his thoughts about his journey, and what leads him to HEALTH Unplugged this year. You can read more about his story here …

The Future of Food in the UK: Part I – Food Security and Food Wastage

The UK is 60% self-sufficient when it comes to food. In medium- to high-income countries, the greatest amount of food is wasted at the consumption stage. This contrasts with low-income countries, where loss occurs at the supply stage. Even households that are adamant that they don’t throw away food, waste around 88kg of avoidable food – about one full 50-litre kitchen bin.

Psychology and Change Presentation

Dr. Alessandra Wall has updated her talk to a pertinent one that potentially will affect us all at some point. The talk is titled “Beyond Behaviour” and addresses how given the readiness of information available at our fingertips, how come that it is not reflected in the best outcomes for our own personal health? It […]

The Future of the NHS Post Brexit

During the Vote Leave campaign, £350 million was pledged to the NHS should we leave the EU. Within an hour of the referendum result, the campaign stated the pledge was a mistake. The economy suffered financial markets loses of £350 million every two or three days after the result. So where does that leave the […]

HEALTH Unplugged announcement

HEALTH Unplugged attempts to rekindle beneficial aspects of ancestral wisdom combined with meaningful interpretations of science and research. We wish to offer solutions to combat the current epidemic of lifestyle disease, and empowerment through education, discussion and action. The NHS estimates that treatment costs are a conservative £1.06 billion, based on conditions such as coronary […]