HEALTH Unplugged 2016 – Review of the Day

HEALTH Unplugged 2016 was a new format in a new venue.

This year we incorporated as a CIC (not-for-profit social enterprise) with 2 main aims, firstly to provide educational content from the latest thinkers and researchers about holistic ancestral health. Secondly to ensure that the content is relevant and will help to develop the UK community.

The audience for Prof Crawford

HU 2016 Opening remarks

Michael Crawford HEALTH Unplugged PresenterIt kicked off with our first keynote speaker Professor Michael Crawford, who spoke on the role of nutrition in our evolution. This challenged many of the audience questioning the traditionally accepted beliefs of our evolutionary beginning.


Our second keynote was the charismatic Pedro Carrera Bastos, who flew in from Portugal to appear at HEALTH Unplugged. He argued as to why the Western Lifestyle disease epidemic shouldn’t be the norm and what we can do in terms of prevention.

Pedro Bastos Presenting at HEALTH Unplugged 2016

Pedro Bastos What Direction?

Next up was Darryl Edwards who presented the “10 Lesser Known Benefits of Exercise” including physical activities role in reducing chronic inflammation, increasing gut flora diversity and improving cognitive function. During the presentation he had the audience all participate in a bout of Primal Play as an antidote to a sedentary lifestyle.

Darryl Edwards Presenting at Health Unplugged 2016Primal Play in the Presentation

Dr Arasu at HU 2016After lunch Dr. Anu Arasu presented “A Healthy Approach to Hormonal Balance” with the role of gut flora, stress and immune system function.


Dr. Rangan Chatterjee (a presenter from HEALTH Unplugged 2015 and the tv series Dr in the House) made an appearance.


This was followed by a talk about” Physical Literacy and How to Reconnect with our Embodied Selves” by Liz Myers from the International Physical Literacy Association. Movement and the mind-body-soul connection.

Then Akos Bartha presented “Personalised Nutrition for Anti-Ageing”, with bio-marker testing for health and longevity.

Liz Myers at HU 2016Personalised Nutrition for Anti Ageing


Alessandra Wall at HU 2016The final speaker was Dr.Alessandra Wall who presented “Beyond Behaviour”. It was an uplifting presentation to end on.

The day finished with an open Q & A panel discussion which included questions on sustainability, The China Study, water quality, exercise for a mother of three young children and how to recover from severe muscle cramps.

A Primal Movement session was conducted by the host and co-founder of HEALTH Unplugged Jerry Dhillon.


Watch this space for a special announcement. More information will be made available soon!


  1. Kathryn Watson says:

    Hello, I was at the Unplugged conference last month, I thought all the talks were excellent thank you. Is there any way to access or to get hold of any of the slides from the day please? I am studying to be a nutritionist and would love to have some of the facts and figures to help with clients in clinic.
    Many thanks

    • HEALTH Unplugged says:

      The talks will not be published online via HEALTH Unplugged at this stage however some of the individual speakers have this content available via their blogs and social media.