Testimonials for HEALTH Unplugged:

“We learned a ton, met some fantastic people and had a great time doing it! HEALTH Unplugged are helping to pioneer Paleo as a mainstream form of testing for everyone for those looking at getting healthy either for weight loss or sickness related reasons.”

Paleo Wired, Canada.

“This is my favorite Paleo/primal ancestral health event of the year. Knowledge, connections and no egos!”

Alessandra Wall, San Diego, USA.

“What made HEALTH Unplugged really stand out was that it took a 360 degree approach to health. From the nutritional, to the physical to the mental… Have to say, it was a cracking event. Looking forward to see what UK Paleo Conference Health Unplugged 2015 will bring.”

C.J.Swaby, London, UK.

“First time I attended a Paleo event and must say it was above my expectations!!! Brilliant.”

Radomira Sunavcova, London, UK.

“Such a great event. I’m feeling really inspired after the weekend thanks to you lot!”

– Frances Bavin Nutrition, Scotland, UK.

“What a fantastic event and picture – loved it and meeting you guys! Roll on next year!!!”

– Charlotte Roberts, Surrey, UK.

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spread the ‘message’. Was a fun day!”

– Dr. Aseem Malhotra, London, UK.

“I still can’t believe what went down that day, still absorbing, thinking and deciding. Long may the result last and here’s hoping for a HEALTH Unplugged 2015!!!!!”

Dr. Naeem Akram, Lisbon, Portugal.

“Coming from the USA it was a bonus to explore London and participate in an interesting event covering aspects of the Paleo lifestyle not often discussed at conferences. Definitely worth a trip across the pond!”

Dr. Polina Sayess, NH, USA.

“Fun, factual and fascinating!”

Vanessa Hughes.